Substituting in a middle school today, I realized how much has changed.  I would not want a child of mine to be in any of the classrooms subject to the disrespectful and disruptive behavior of  3 to 5 students per class.

It is not a good learning environment, or perhaps it is a way to learn to be insulting and disrespectful to others.

It is time to take steps to remove individuals that cannot or do not show respect to adults in the education system.   They need to be somewhere else.

My experience has included  teaching  middle school – college,  developing and implementing alternatives to reform school, investigating and processing in the Juvenile Justice System.

We need to take steps to quickly resolve this issue or society will continue  to spiral down.

There are programs that have been very successful working with youth,  lets get these problems out of the daily school environment.

Many students  show up eager to learn and enjoy the school day,  lets let them progress and hope others will decide that a school for learning that does not tolerate disrespect and disruptions is where they prefer to be.

Its sad but yesterday I was so distracted by immediate disruptions from several students that I didn’t get the name of a girl that walked into class past a student striking him on the back of the head.

If that was your child you should be irate,   in Florida that qualifies a bullying.   That is the type of things that leads to a child later returning with a gun or explosives and going off.    Technology today, lets record every class every have something to return to to confirm the behavior   and battery of other students.

Three other incidents I continued to have nightmares about last night included:

I opened the door during class to see what the yelling outside was,  3 girls were present two left,  one pushed me aside in the door casing forcing her way past me, and of course that girl would not tell me her name.  ( most students when asked today will not tell you a name)

Standing a foot from the desk in the front of the room, a young man pushed me out of the way instead of walking in front of me.   At 6’6″ I don’t move easily and to 6th graders should obviously appear as an adult.

When a young lady was up going from person to person, in the back of the room, as I was giving directions  and I pointed at the back of the room (a Disney point)  saying ” you need to get in your seat”   she goes off yelling back don’t point at me  ……   people get shot for doing things like that.”

Needless to say I didn’t teach anything, most of the students did say busy on worksheets, but the distractions surly made it difficult for them to enjoy or retain the knowledge.

I use to enjoy substitute teaching from time to time,  needless to say I don’t plan to return to a classroom until the State and local school districts take a stance on what is required for a child to remain in school.

Furthermore, the Judicial system, need to revisit how they are dealing with youth.   Ordering that a child be in school every day, and the school forced to keep them in the school  is part of the underlying problem.   I know bouncing in and out of detention, is not beneficial to the child and they get further behind on their education, however, we need to find an alternative, and the child not return to a public school classroom until they demonstrate self control, and respect to all adults within the school system.


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