On October 30th 2013 

 The Creation Care Taskforce of the Florida Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church after much discussion passed the following motion was passed:

The Creation Care Emphasis for 2014 is to be water.    We wish each church in the Florida Annual Conference to adopt their local watershed, learn about it and take action being a good steward of what God has provided.

Prior to the vote we discussion “A Time for Hope and Action”1 and the need to narrow an emphasis to a key point.   We also, indicated we needed to make certain the Bishop is in support of this action, and would encourage support it at the conference and church level.

After the vote the chairman asked that a resolution be pre-paired for Annual Conference.



Questions will arise on “Adopting your watershed and being a good steward of that watershed.”

Who:        A Single Church, A cluster of Churches in the same watershed. A district.

What:      Adoption, Stewardship     Make it important, learn and find new ways to keep it alive.

When:     Starting ASAP, take daily actions,   organize quarterly activities,   attend meetings

Where:    working in your back yard,   go up stream,   find the recharge area for your aquifer

Why:        Biblical Principles –   God has called us to be good stewards of the environment.



Florida Annual Conference has more coastline that any state in the United States of America.   And Florida’s Gulf Coast as well as Atlantic Coast estuaries are suffering due to the human impact.   Many stories hit the news this past year about rivers, springs, estuaries and coastline that the water was not safe to touch.   Impacts from the Deep Horizon oil spill are still plaguing the Gulf.   Nutrients from human waste-water and runoff have impacted all of our springs, rivers, estuaries and coastal waters.   In the Bishops call for Hope and Action, they ask us to join together with hope, and use the gifts God has given us to find solutions to the problems we are facing.    Someone, in each congregation can make a difference.   


1  God’s Renewed Creation: Call to Hope and Action   © 2009 Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church


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