Reef Innovations at Waterfront Alliance Conference in New York.

I returned from NY after an awesome experience far beyond what I expected.   The purpose evolved around how Reef Balls and Reef Innovations could become an active part in the improvement of The New York Estuary, and their plans for “Living Shorelines.  The full day Waterfront Conference was truly a waterfront conference.  The day was on the Hornblower Infinity, 

The Waterfront Alliance and officials from around NY were proud of their waterway and the fact that the water quality is the best its been in 100 years.  Things are not stopping there,  The waterfront park along the south side of Mahatten has been an awesome start.  I think they are truly looking to continue to add living shorelines out from the sea wall that surrounds the city.   I see such a need for  Reef Ball Under Dock Habitats, as well as a Reef Ball Kayaking Trail along the waterfront.   Today, Bikers and Kayakers and Runners fill the sunset as they pass dockside dining, and a pier covered with grass.  One old pier changed to a shopping mall, and another docking the Hornblower fleet and in the middle a Soccer Field.   Its a cool waterfront and more improvements planed for the future.

We also enjoyed a eating establishment outdoor sitting on pier 66,  The Frying Pan has some history and is docked there.

The Frying Pan at Pier 66


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