You may be a scientist!

Do you have a home weather station?  Have you ever strapped on your wrist a fitness monitor?   Well, you just happen to have some tools for being a scientist.   Collecting data is a major part of science and the past 10 years of interconnect device has made it really fun to utilize your computer, tablet or cell phone to keep track of happenings.      Let’s, think just a little further to the process of deciding to purchase or build that device,   you must have had a question in your mind.  It may have been you want to know the current temperature or you heart rate.  Guess what the question posed a problem you need an answer to, that is SCIENCE.   The fun of finding answers…

Maybe in school you weren’t excited about science classes and learning and relearning the same things from elementary school to college.  Every year just a little more information was added.   I was probably different for you I’ll tell you why.   In the 7th grade I didn’t really get into reading comic books, but when I picked up my sisters big heavy Chemistry text book I was impressed.   I don’t think she realized how often I had her book reading it and enjoying learning some really cool stuff.  See I told you that probably wasn’t you.   The results of that were amazing.  When I reached high school, I was able to take physics and skip chemistry.    I really was more into physic.

You may have preferred the social sciences and really like the history classes.   In science it is also important to look at history.   Data collected over time is directly related to history.  Now, more science gets involved as we attempt to figure things out.    The Analysis of all that history and data sometimes brings together some people with tremendous math skills.    All this was behind my full support of the cooperative learning movement into our school system.   I still feel that teams of people working together utilizing their gifts is the best way to find solutions,   but at this point I fear that in the teaching process we have possibly let some people slip by not know the importance or working of the scientific process.   When 97% of scientists in a field support the results of scientific investigation, the odds are that they are correct.   There is a possibility something unexpected, unpredictable could happen to alter the anticipated outcome.  The chances are quite small, but as we learned when we hit the atomic age,  an act of war with lots of atomic bombs we could have a nuclear winter.  I sure hope that doesn’t happen but we all know in the back of our mind it could.   That should not mean we stop doing what we can to live and be prosperous.

Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal.

– Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

When are lead scientists present information and intergovernmental panels make statements as above I think we better take notice and start taking action now.   You should be questioning anyone that feels this is all fake.   A solution exists, when I present with my resources from the Climate Reality Project, I present the science, the happenings and  the things we should do to resolve the problem.    If you have not scheduled a presentation for your group you should set a time as soon as possible.

GatorThis earth week come out and join us in Gainesville, FL as we mirror the march for science in Washington DC.   If you miss April 22, keep in mind April 29 is the Climate March in Washington DC.


Find a way to become involved in science be a Citizen Scientist!


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