Is it warming or is the ice age returning?

Teaching environmental science in the 70’s I remember the Canary Report,  I was involved with reducing the aerosols  into the atmosphere.  Yesterday, I heard the hole on the ozone layer was getting smaller.    The Article below is really good,  maybe I could have written it, but I feel the best thing is to share this link in hopes that everyone will take a moment and read it.


Climate extremes seem to be real don’t they.   I guess I’m not as worried about dealing with a hotter or colder day, than I am with the intense storms, the long term droughts and the loss of ecosystems I have always  enjoyed.

I love diving, and have always attempted to get students to realize the changes happening on our reefs.   Coral Reefs, have so much damage,  the shallow water to the deep corals are all in danger.   Would you believe I have had involvement with an organization that saw what was happening in the 90’s and has done something about it.  I have always been proud of a relationship with the Reef Ball Foundation.

Is a large portion  of the United States going to continue to ignore what is going on?  Will we begin to take steps, drastic steps that could change our lifestyle?  How fast can we jump into sustainable power?  Can energy dependent lifestyles become better with a change to solar and wind power?

As always I have hope that new and exciting experiences are on the horizon.  Without action from everyone, that hope could dwindle.    New inventions are on the horizon, if we can learn to live in peace we can accomplish the unbelieveable.


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