I’m in Florida, so of course water is always on my mind and usually close by.  As you may have noticed I have worked to save our rivers and springs since I was in high school.  Being an avid diver Skin, Hooka and SCUBA I have been diving the lakes, springs and rivers for years.  Yes, that does extend to the cave systems and sink holes as well as waterfalls.  High altitude or sea level  salty or fresh I have been in it.  But not only in the water, but on it.   Canoeing, kayaking, jet ski, boat, raft and tubs have all been enjoyable way to be on it.  But it wasn’t until the new century 2000 that I decided I better advance to snow and ice.  Prior to that time the only ice I had been on was a freeze in Gainesville, and ice skating in Tampa.  My snow experience started with a trip up mount hood, I think after that trip around 1997 I was hooked and would find to enjoy snow and ice.  it wasn’t until 2016 that I started linking oceans to the mountain top, teaching its connected and important for life as we know it.

Courthouse Falls 2

35 ft hole at the base of the fall. 54 degree water Photo by J W McFarlane