March For Science GNV Merchandice

By ordering the following items you are supporting the Gainesville March.  You need to order soon so your items will arrive for the march April 22, 2017.  Or you can make a direct donation at  gofundme

900_28411c04-3187-4333-b4a7-99c06f26c0f2_adf301c2-e445-4cde-94f6-e36b7a6728b2_aae036c4-f36f-4c5f-b376-e0e694320656900_800f5e92-0817-4a76-ac5c-9f8b5b7b9fc3_3d51530b-f730-421c-be9c-be495cbd82ef_aae036c4-f36f-4c5f-b376-e0e694320656Clicking the item will take you to Bonfire to place your order.   T shirts are available in a variety of colors.