Black carbon and carbon dioxide

Driving down most roads since the 70′ I have not seen stacks dumping black smoke. 2017 this is a return in time it would seem.  This photo was taken from the train.  Well of course, our coal is delivered by rail so they would be aligned with the tracks.   But, I thought we had modern scrubers that captured the carbon and coal dust.

Flash forward 1 week and I’m in Houston, Texas.  The dark smog covering the city is discussing.  I could even see dark poluted sky flying into Texas.

It really is time to take a major jump into solar energy.  Our climate, and our world is at stake.

Will we act in time?

We keep track of time with a clock.  Have you thought about how fast time is clicking away.   What will the future bring.  As a kid time moved so much slower, today it is gone in the blink of an eye.

Take a look at the clock ticking down our carbon budget. Choose 2.0 or 1.5

Communicating when the cell goes down

Communications seems so important to us these days.   Well, it is more important when you live in a location and have all your food, electric and shelter washed away by a storm and need to get in touch with others.    It is time to invest in a backup and get all your neighbors to also.     Be able to stay in touch when the storm hits.

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