Kayak & Scuba

mcfarl3 bolt

I started teaching SCUBA way back in the 1970’s.   I was always a fan of canoeing and slow to move into to kayaks,  my first whitewater kayaking as 1975, that continued to grow as I moved from recreational kayaking to teaching whitewater kayaking and opening a kayak retail shop in 1994.  At that time there were only 3 kayak retail location in Florida, and I lead the way with sales of whitewater kayaks and with many trip to NC.

McFarlane’s Kayak & SCUBA,  a division of McFarlane’s High Tech High Touch Systems opened its doors in the summer of 1994, 1/2 miles from Weeki Wachee Springs.   The retail business, was famous for eco-tours before anyone knew the meaning of the word.   93% of the business was world travelers  mostly Europeans visiting Disney and traveling to the West Coast of Florida, to see what our natural world was all about.   With the tourism success, I was involved with the Tourism council as we promoted eco-tours and the  formation of The Nature Coast.    Many kayaking shops sprouted up across Florida by 2000,  many were the results of training and trip with me.



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