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A front  crossing Newnans Lake  photo by Jim McFarlane

When it started for me.

It was 1984 that I first taught meteorology as a semester course.  Of course teaching requires that you really dig into the subject,  prepare ahead, search for possible questions, and look for materials beyond a textbook.   Those days the internet didn’t exist,  just networking 16 TRS-80’s was a challenge.  So, searching for information and resources took me to Kennedy Space Center,  and the educator’s resource center.   There I was able to have current data, and research studies, not to mention satellite images.  Following the technology, attempting to download data as a satellite passed overhead.  Wow, what a difference today with all the water vapor and infrared images.  Such a boost to studying what was going on.

The point is our beautiful cloud filled atmosphere is changing.  Where the moisture is has changed.  Just as the action inside a pot of water being heated changes the atmosphere being heated becomes more active.   The science is important,  data and studies reviewed by professionals in the field support that man,  releasing greenhouse gasses has affected our atmosphere and is causing global warming at a rate much faster than any time in the history of planet earth.

Water and carbon dioxide are two big area I have been involved in over the past 40 years.  First being in Florida, our aquifer  clean fresh water have needed protection from impacts of man.  Second burning fossil fuels has been a discussion in science classes my entire life.  We have to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and we have to do everything we can to assure we have clean water.  All life on earth is dependent on our actions.

In 2017 when asked to submit an application to attend the Climate Reality Leadership Training, I brushed off my resume, updated it and submitted it.  To my surprise the next morning I received notice I was selected to attend and the steps I  needed to take.   After 4 days in training, I hit the road with my acts of leadership.  As, part of the training I committed to as a volunteer do 10 acts of leadership over the next year.  I start thinking, where would I be able to present the information using the resources available as a member of the Climate Reality Corps.

I figured from the start that I would need to present in the Gainesville Area, perhaps a large presentation at Trinity UMC inviting members of the community and others.  Then I figured a presentation in the St. Petersburg area would be important.  And another large presentation in south Florida.  I also, figured an inservice day on climate reality would be important for teachers.   And perhaps at Lake Junaluska.   There are many places, and I suspected some of the groups that I have spoken at previously on water issues would like to hear about climate.

Today, I’m finding the resources are awesome,  and I keep looking for ways to share,  I’m thinking of a webcast.  I have answered a number of questions on climate on facebook.  I would love to hear your thoughts of what you think would be helpful.

If you’re looking for more information or want the request a presentation anywhere in the world you can do that at

June 20 1017   GOES 16  Water Vapor some amazing new ways to look at our atmosphere.

Previous 3 days

November 2017  The story continues, after numerous presentation and acts of leadership I have taken lead role in the establishment of  The Climate Reality Project Gainesville, FL Chapter.   This chapter is reaching out across North Florida from Cedar Key, Ocala, and Palm Coast north to Perry and up to the Florida Border.   In this region we have 8 leaders that are active members in The Climate Reality Leadership Corps.  As volunteers we plan to lead the North Florida Forward as we promote the 100% Committed campaign.