State of the Gulf

I have traveled across the Gulf States, studying and attending summits and conferences on the Gulf of Mexico.  It all began as a toddler on what was then only boat accessible islands around Fort DeSoto.  I remember a photo of me picking up a horseshoe crab by the tail and it was almost as big as me.  Maybe that was the first indicator I could continue studying and teaching about our oceans.    In my lifetime I have witness many changes in the waters around Florida, and survey sites from shoreline to offshore reefs.  As, you look today across the Gulf from the shoreline I’m sure you would say it’s a beautiful healthy body of water,  how could man ever impact it.

Our waters are in trouble.  Human impact starts way up the watershed, the very headwaters, and spring recharge area’s daily add nitrates and other waste products to the system.

March 2017 is another meeting looking at the State of the Gulf  followed by the GOMA All Hands Meeting.   Some of the latest information will be coming from this meeting.


An Estuary on the Gulf of Mexico   photo by Jim McFarlane

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